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1. Who is currently eligible to receive the vaccine?
2. How do I register for a vaccine when I'm eligible to receive one?
3. Can I choose which vaccine I receive?
4. Will the vaccine make me sick?
5. When can my child receive the vaccine?
6. Who decides who is eligible for the vaccine?
7. Should anyone NOT get the vaccine?
8. What should I expect at the vaccine clinic?
9. I made a COVID-19 appointment online, but recently found an earlier appointment. How do I cancel my first appointment?
10. I'm having a hard time making a vaccine appointment. Do you have any suggestions?
11. Does the Hamilton County Health Department have a wait list for extra vaccine doses?
12. What if I'm homebound?
13. Do I have to be an Indiana resident to receive a vaccine in Indiana?
14. How long will the state's mask mandate be in effect?
15. Does my teenager need my consent to get vaccinated?
16. When am I considered fully vaccinated?