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COVID Essential Business Complaint

  1. Staying home is critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19 in your community. Adhering to this order will save lives, and it is the responsibility of every Hoosier to do their part. However, if this new order is not followed, the Indiana State Department of Health and the Enforcement Response Team created by the executive order can take action against businesses.

    The Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Agency (IOSHA) is now taking ALL complaints.

    Reports of suspected violations can be filed with IOSHA by clicking on this link:

    How will this new order be enforced?

    First, a verbal warning will be given. If the business fails to comply with the verbal warning, the Indiana State Department of Health may issue a cease and desist letter.

    If the business continues to operate, the Indiana State Department of Health can order the business to close. The business will be reported to the Secretary of State and to any relevant licensing, permitting, or certifying board, commission or other entity, and the business could lose its operating license or permit. Additionally, if an order to close a business is issued, a local prosecuting attorney may file charges for violating the executive order issued under Indiana’s Emergency Disaster Law.

    The Hamilton County Health Department can make initial verbal contact with Essential businesses that are not reported to be compliant with following the ordered protective measures.

    • Essential business and operations include Healthcare and Public Health Operations, Human Services Operations, Essential Government functions, and Essential Infrastructure in the CISA list and Retail Businesses that provide necessity of life items as described in Executive Order 20-18 on April 7, 2018.

    An Essential/Retail business is not compliant with the Executive Order 20-18 for the following reason(s):

  2. Complaints

  3. Protective Measures

  4. The determination of Essential and Non-essential businesses should be directed to the state agencies of or email:

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