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  1. Drainage Investigation Request

    Request a drainage investigation.

Health and Sanitation

  1. Environmental Complaints

    Un-maintained property inside or out which causes a public health concern.

  2. Mosquito Control

    Report breeding sites to prevent the spread of disease.

  1. Food Facilities Complaint

    General cleanliness complaints, Food-borne illness should be reported directly to Health Department staff.

  2. Sewage/Illegal Waste Discharges

    Discharge of untreated sewage or other waste causing a potential public health concern.

Property Ownership

  1. Deduction Inquiry Form

    Please complete this form in order to request information about deductions for your property.

  1. HEA 1371 - Request To Restrict Access To Home Address

    Use this form to request a restriction to database access of your home address.


  1. HCPAO Internship Application

    Application for Internship / Externship with the Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

  2. Infraction Deferral Request
  1. Incorrigibility Application
  2. Pretrial Diversion Check-In

Prosecutor Aces

  1. ACES Program Referral Form

    Hamilton County ACES (Attending Class Equals Success) Program Referral Form

Report a Polluter

  1. Report-a-Polluter

    Report non-stormwater discharge or dumping into stormwater drains, streams, rivers, or other bodies of water. If the problem is... More…

Safety and Protection Issues

  1. Submit a Crime Tip

    Keep your community and schools safe. Use this form to report suspicious or illegal activity.

  1. Traffic Enforcement Request

    Report actual or potential traffic problems, such as speeding vehicles in a specific area.

Transportation Issues

  1. Request for Road Maintenance

    Request for Road Maintenance such as pot holes.

  2. Request for Traffic Control Changes

    Request for Traffic Control Changes

  1. Request for Snow Removal

    Request for Snow Removal

Web Site Support

  1. Make a Suggestion

    Would like to make a suggestion adding or changing something on the site.

  1. Report a Site Problem

    Report problems viewing or using the County's web site, bad links, and other technical errors.