What is Probate Court?
Probate is the court procedure by which a decedent's property is administered. Whether a person dies with or without a will, any assets in the decedent's name alone are probate assets and must go through the probate process. The probate process requires a person to present the decedent's will to the court. After the court determines that the decedent's will is valid, the court appoints a named personal representative to administer the assets of the estate. The personal representative is responsible for collecting the decedent's assets to his/her heirs.

If the decedent dies without a will, the court will appoint a personal representative. The decedent's assets will be distributed 1st to his/her spouse, children or grandchildren, then the assets will be distributed to his/her parents, brothers, sisters and any nieces and nephews who are children of his/her deceased brothers and sisters.

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1. What is Probate Court?
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