Have you ever found anyone deliberately cheating?
Intent is hard to prove. We prosecute violations civilly or criminally. We hold civil penalty hearings to resolve serious or repeated violations, or refer cases to the District Attorney. Several of our statues are strict liability, meaning that intent does not have to be proven.

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1. How often do you check gas stations?
2. Do you call businesses before you inspect them to let them know you are coming?
3. Do you check the quality of the fuel, too?
4. What happens if a gasoline or diesel meter is found to be in error?
5. Have you ever found anyone deliberately cheating?
6. Have you ever closed a whole station?
7. If there is no certification sticker on the device, how do I know if it is accurate?
8. Can any scale be used or does it have to be a special scale?
9. What is "tare?"
10. Do you investigate complaints?
11. Do you test utility meters?