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Posted on: August 23, 2021

Hamilton County Studying Water Availability


Environmental Consulting Firm Hired to Evaluate Supply & Promote Conservation

Hamilton County is addressing what could soon become a dire problem – a shortage of groundwater supply. It has hired an environmental consulting firm, INTERA Incorporated, to study the County’s water availability and to determine best conservation practices.

“Hamilton County has long been one of the fastest growing counties in the nation,” says county surveyor Kenton Ward. “Our water supplies and distribution systems, like other infrastructure, have had to stretch to keep up. We need to do what we can now, to ensure we can deliver safe and reliable water to the community in the future.”

 The Indiana Development Finance Authority published a Central Indiana Water Availability report last year which indicated an alarming increase in water use in Hamilton County, specifically drinking water and industrial demand.

“Hamilton County is at a crossroads relative to growth, connectivity, and application of digital tools to modern problems,” says Jack Wittman, INTERA’s Vice President of Water. “Simply stated, more data is needed to solve the water availability needs in the County. Our plan will provide the county with real-time information that can help inform water supply stewardship.”

 The three-year study will cost the County $2,145,000. The project will:

  • Monitor aquifer and surface water levels and quality to better define seasonal variations and identify potential conflicts in use.
  • Discover ways to improve long-term water availability in the county.
  • Improve efficiency and expand aquifer yield for drinking water use.
  • Consider alternative engineering designs for recharging the aquifers.

  “We are the first County in the state to commit to a water study like this one,” Mark Heirbrandt, president of the Hamilton County Commissioners. “This will not only modernize our system but help us strategically plan for the future. We’re looking to protect and preserve our water supply while supporting growth and providing regional benefits to all water users.”

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