Trucking Fines & Costs

The schedule below shows the fine and costs for each charge. You must pay the total amount for the first ticket and only the fine amount for any additional ticket received. Costs are set by the State Legislature and must be paid whether or not you appear in court (unless your case is dismissed or you are found not guilty).

The schedule below shows the fine and court costs if you are eligible to pay before your court date. You must pay the total listed. No personal checks! Failure to pay on time may result in additional fees, and or the suspension of your drivers license. See Payment Options for acceptable methods of payment, including instructions for paying by credit card.

State Law Violations
Fine Costs Total

3rd Lane Violation (IC 9-21-8-13)

$35.50 $135.50 $171
Overweight (IC 9-20-4-1)
   1 - 2,500 lbs over (C infraction)
$35.50 $135.50 $171
   2,501 - 5,000 lbs over (C infraction)
$35.50 $135.50 $171
   5,001 - 7,500 lbs over (B infraction)
$514.50 $135.50 $650
   7,501 - 10,000 lbs over (B infraction)
$714.50 $135.50 $850
   10,001 or more lbs over (A infraction)
must appear in court
Over Registered Weight (IC 9-20-4-3)
$135.50 $171
Oversize Dimensions (IC 9-20-3-1)
$35.50 $135.50 $171
Leaky Load (IC 9-21-8-48)
$35.50 $135.50 $171
Insecure Load (IC 9-20-18-14)
$35.50 $135.50 $171
No Fuel Tax Permit (IC 6-6-4.1-12)
$35.50 $135.50 $171
Sign or Lettering (IC 8-2.1-24-21)
$114.50 $135.50 $250
No Single State Reg. (IC 8-2.1-20-7)
$114.50 $135.50 $250
No Apportioned Reg. Plate (IC 9-18-2-19)
$35.50 $135.50 $171
Parking on Interstate (IC 9-21-16-8)
$35.50 $135.50 $171
FMCSR Violations (IC 8-2.1-24-18)
Fine Costs Total
No or Inadequate Logbook
$89.50 $135.50 $225
Unsafe Vehicle
$114.50 $135.50 $250
Seatbelt Violation
$10.50 $135.50 $146
All Other FMCSR Violations
$64.50 $135.50 $200

For more information you may call our automated # at 317-776-8584, or refer to other pages in the left hand menu.

NOTE: The above fines may vary depending on the information you present when you appear, or the officer presents if the case goes to trial.  On a class C infraction moving violation, the maximum fine is $35.50 if the person enters an admission or plea of nolo contendere at or before the first appearance date, or is found guilty after trial but does not have a prior moving offense in the past five years.

Who Must Appear in Court 
There are certain offenses for which you must appear in court:
  • Driving While Suspended;
  • School Bus Stop Arm Violation;
  • Operator Never Licensed;
  • Having No Proof of Financial Responsibility;
  • Child Restraint Violations (age 4 & under);
  • Animal Running at Large;
  • Aiding Possession of Alcohol;
  • Reckless Possession of Paraphernalia;
  • Accident Offenses
  • and any offense for which you are told to personally appear by the arresting officer or court personnel.
Go to Your Legal Rights for information about:
  • Admitting the charge(s) against you;
  • Attending Night Court;
  • Denying a Charge.