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Hamilton County Unified Development Ordinance
**Amended: 07-10-2023**

This Unified Development Ordinance is an update to the Hamilton County, IN
zoning ordinance, originally created in 1990 – Ordinance 3-19-90 and the Subdivision Control Ordinance. It is intended to replace the old documents in their entirety. The
revision team took into consideration the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, US 31 road
updates, land use best practices, recent court cases, and trending technologies
during the creation of this Unified Development Ordinance.

To view the current Unified Development Ordinance amended on 07-10-2023, click on the link below:

HCPC Unified Development Ordinnce_revisions 3.20_Cover


​​ Jurisdictional Area Hamilton County is made up of nine different planning jurisdictions.  The Hamilton County Plan Commission has jurisdiction over the areas of the County shown in blue on the map below.​​
       Hamco-Plan Juris-Web
(To see the jurisdictions for all of Hamilton County, click here)
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