Drug Court

Presiding Judge: David K. Najjar

Program Coordinator: Krista Radican

The Hamilton County Drug Court was established in 2010 and is one of several problem-solving court models available in Indiana. Problem-solving courts are a non-adversarial alternative to traditional criminal justice system processing and procedures. Our drug court consists of two program tracks; a traditional track that services a multitude of clients and charges and an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) Track that is designed specifically for clients with this type of offense.


The Hamilton County Drug Court unites resources of our community in an intensive supervision and treatment program for non-violent drug addicted and drug dependent defendants. Drug Court participants have the opportunity and incentive to learn personal responsibility, achieve long term sobriety, and enhance their social, vocational and academic skills. The holistic approach of the Court promotes public safety, reduces criminal justice costs, reduces jail overcrowding and empowers participants to become productive members of our community with the use of evidenced based practices.

Program Highlights:

  • The traditional drug court track is 18-24 months in length and includes five reporting phases and intensive reporting requirements, frequent urine drug screening, etc. The OWI track is 15-18 months in length and also includes five reporting phases, intensive reporting requirements and frequent urine drug screening.  

  • Team approach implemented to work with offenders; reducing illegal drug use and criminal activity; team members include the drug court judge, a prosecutor, a criminal defense attorney, probation officers, a representative from community corrections and treatment providers and law enforcement.

  • Use of a swift graduated incentives and sanctions model that is used to promote positive behavioral change.

  • Our drug court model is designed to assist those individuals that are determined to be a moderate to high risk offender or a low risk offender with high levels of need in other areas, including substance abuse/misuse. These risk and need levels are determined by the use of multiple validated assessment tools.

Drug Court Documents