Cornerstone Information

By Indiana Code 36-2-12-11, your County Surveyor is responsible for Section Corner Perpetuation. Section Corner Perpetuation is checking, establishing, re-establishing, and referencing all of the government corners within the county. Hamilton County has a total of approximately 7,225 "corners" in the county (i.e., section corners, 1/4 corners, 1/16 corners, and center of sections). There are approximately 1,700 section corners in Hamilton County.

Corner Surveys

The Surveyor's Office employs a 2 man Survey Crew year round that researches, field locates, and establishes these Section Corners. Data tie sheets are made and maintained for each corner and each corner is GPS located (for reference only). Hamilton County has a permanent GPS Base Reference Station on top of the Judicial Center that is part of the Seiler Instrument's Trimble VRS Network. The goal of the Hamilton County Surveyor's Office is to establish and GPS locate all the section corners in the county. Section Corner Information can be viewed online on the County's General Viewer.