Technical Advisory Committee

Regular Meeting
The Technical Advisory Committee has a tentative schedule of meeting 2 times a month, but these dates are on an as needed basis. 
  • AT&T Network Services
  • Buckeye Pipeline Company
  • Comcast
  • Duke Energy
  • Frontier Communications
  • Hamilton County Emergency Management
  • Hamilton County Health Department
  • Hamilton County Highway Department
  • Hamilton County Plan Commission
  • Hamilton County Sheriff's Department
  • Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation
  • Hamilton County Surveyor's Office
  • Hamilton Heights Schools
  • Hamilton Southeastern Schools
  • Indiana State Highway Department
  • Noblesville Fire Department
  • Noblesville Schools
  • Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company
  • Sheridan Community Schools
  • Sheridan Fire Department
  • Vectren Energy
  • Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department
  • White River Volunteer Fire Department


The Technical Advisory Committee reviews projects and makes recommendations concerning technical matters to the Hamilton County Plan Commission and the Hamilton County Board of Zoning Appeals. Some examples of the types of plans / projects that the Committee reviews are:
  • Rezones
  • Development Plans
  • Special Uses
  • Land Use Variances
Judicial Area
The Technical Advisory Committee only represents the areas of the County that fall within the Hamilton County Plan Commission's jurisdictional area. The map below shows the areas that are represented by the Technical Advisory Committee in blue:
A map indicating the jurisdictional area of the Technical Advisory Committee marked in blue