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Record Request(s):

Necessary background checks, public record requests, or any other inquiries should be requested via fax or email. To search defendant by name or court case, please view 

Fax Number: (317) 776-9835

Office Hours

The office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. You must arrive before 4 p.m. for gun permits and background checks.

Case Reports

Summary reports are available for victims of crimes. All other criminal reports are available by subpoena only. All public records requests for case reports maybe sent to

Crash Reports

Citizens can obtain a copy of a crash report by emailing They are also available by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to the attention of: "Records Section - Crash Reports" or by contacting the Administration Office with your email address. Please include the date, location and crash report number, and the name of the party involved with your request. The reports are also available online.

Gun Permits

Please call 317-773-1872 to verify that you reside in the Sheriff's Office jurisdiction. The online application available at the State of Indiana website must be completed before arriving at the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office does not do fingerprints for gun permits. Applicants must have their fingerprints done at an L1 location prior to coming to the Sheriff's Office. Please also call your local jurisdiction prior to your arrival, to verify your fingerprints are attached to your file. You must arrive at least 30 minutes before the office closes.


To verify an active warrant you may call 317-773-1872 during business hours and 317-776-9800 after hours.

Background Checks

Applicants for background checks must bring photo identification (driver's license) to complete the process. Forms are available at the Sheriff's Office. There is no charge for background checks. Please email to obtain the form in advance.