Comprehensive Plan

The map below is the Land Use Plan Update portion of the Hamilton County 2006 Comprehensive Plan Update, which was originally drafted and adopted in 1990. The Comprehensive Plan covers all portions of Hamilton County that are not within municipalities or their planning districts. For more information, please view the full Land Use Plan Update Map (PDF).
A map displaying the Land Use Plan update portion of the 2006 Comprehensive Plan Update
The purpose of a Comprehensive Plan is to guide future development and growth. It provides the framework for the planning and implementation of public improvements, decision-making regarding land use and zoning issues, and encouraging private investment in sustainable land use practices.
Comprehensive Plan History
Hamilton County began the process to update its 1990 Comprehensive Plan in 2004 and completed the process in 2006. As one of the 10 most rapidly growing counties in the country, Hamilton County is experiencing change at an ever-increasing rate. In order to address the inevitable impacts that accompany that growth in the most economical way, the Hamilton County Plan Commission must be proactive with its land use policies. Ideally, this Comprehensive Plan Update will positively affect the growth and development of the Hamilton County Plan Commission Jurisdiction (PCJ) in a way that reflects the values and ideals of its citizenry. It is intended to serve as a resource and guide to those involved with the planning, design, and development of properties in the PCJ. It is also intended to promote a healthy environment and sound economy, 2 interdependent goals, through planned growth and development of lands within the PCJ. This vision is intended to help to build vibrant, vital communities for current and future residents to live, work, play and learn.

Comprehensive Plan Development
This Comprehensive Plan is grounded in an ecologically-based planning approach and incorporates the opinions and desires of current residents through an ongoing public participatory process. The plan includes land use maps and policy statements regarding land use, development practices, and transportation. This Comprehensive Plan Update has been undertaken by the Hamilton County Plan Commission, Hamilton County Planning Staff, and planning consultants Conservation Design Forum and Land Strategies.

Complete Comprehensive Plan