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  1. October 18

    Hamilton County Plan Commission Meeting Meeting will be held in the second floor courtroom
  2. November 15

  3. December 20

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When Does the Plan Commission Meet?
The Plan Commission meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month in the Commissioners Courtroom on the 1st floor of the Hamilton County Government and Judicial Center.

What Does the Plan Commission Do?

The powers and duties of the Plan Commission are as follows:

  1. Make recommendations to the county commissioners concerning:
    1. The adoption of the comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, and amendments thereto;
    2. Any other matters, within the jurisdiction of the commission, authorized by the advisory planning law as defined in IC 36-7-4-101.
  2. Render decisions concerning and approve:
    1. Plats or replats of subdivisions; and
    2. Planned developments for residential, commercial and industrial uses.
Who Is the Plan Commission Made Up Of?
The Plan Commission consists of nine members and composition is determined by the following:

  1. One member appointed by the county executive from its membership.
  2. One member appointed by the county fiscal body from its membership.
  3. The county surveyor or a qualified deputy surveyor appointed by the surveyor.
  4. The county agricultural extension educator.
  5. Five citizen members, of whom no more than 3 may be of the same political party, and all 5 of whom must be residents of unincorporated areas of the county, appointed by the county executive.