Sheriff Transport

Transport runs with 3 Corrections Officers. This section of the Hamilton County Jail is scheduled Monday through Friday and does not run on weekends or Holidays.

When an inmate is arrested in another county within the state of Indiana our Transport is notified when the defendant is finished with any local charges and/or is ready for pick up. The trip is then scheduled. Transport does not release any information pertaining to the date or time of any pick up.

  • Transport is responsible for picking up defendants statewide on Transport Orders from all Courts as well.
  • Transport is also responsible for picking up any defendant arrested in another state on a Hamilton County warrant based upon mile limitations set at the time the warrant is issued.
  • Inmates being housed at the Hamilton County Jail that have medical appointments are taken by Transport.
  • Transport also assists in the daily process of assuring that the inmates are taken to the Hamilton County Government and Judicial Center for any Court appearance.