County Jail


The mission of the Hamilton County Jail Division is to provide a safe working and living environment. The division holds paramount the protection of the staff, the inmates, and the community it serves. The employees of the Jail Division believe in the practice of team qualities that produce an atmosphere of cooperation and respect between the officers and inmates. Conducting business of the judicial system is done with efficiency and professionalism emphasizing work quality over work quantity. Each officer is trained to utilize the advantages of technology, professional instruction, and modern techniques, while meeting the needs of the individual, thus ensuring the division's and employee's success towards completing our mission

Personnel & Facilities

The Hamilton County Sheriffs Office Jail Division consists of 100 uniformed full-time officers, additional part time officers, and a support staff consisting of 11 full-time and 2 part-time civilian employees. The Hamilton County Jail is utilized to incarcerate pre-trial detainees for charges ranging from theft, OWI, rape, robbery, and murder; after their arrest and before their sentencing, as well as individuals who have been sentenced by the courts to serve time in jail. The Hamilton County Jail is also utilized to hold pretrial detainees for the United States Marshal Service. The current facility was opened in 1993 and has gone through two extensive renovations; one in 2008 where 10,000 square feet of book-in space was added, and in 2019 when an additional housing unit was built, adding 144 beds, making the total capacity at the main facility 440 beds.

A female annex is located on the facility grounds which houses up to 112 detainees. The jail staff is responsible for the care, custody, and safety of the inmates housed in the jail. The jail is self-contained; with all laundry services, meal preparation, and most medical, mental healthy and dental services being provided within the confines of the jail. 

Inmate Sentences

Although most prisoners stay at the jail a short period of time, some prisoners may stay the entire time from arrest, through trial, to sentencing. Even after sentencing, inmates may stay at the county jail for several months awaiting space at a state institution. The Hamilton County Jail averages a daily inmate population ranging from 300 to 350.