Local and State Animal Law Updates

Hamilton County Ordinance
Any person owning or having custody of a dog or cat which is older than 6 months of age, which has not been sterilized and for which the person owning or having custody of such an animal does not have a written certification from a licensed veterinarian stating that it is not in such animal's best medical interest to be sterilized, but in no case after the dog or cat has attained the age of 9 months. If the animal is older than 9 months of age and is not spayed or neutered a breeder's permit is required.

Animal Law Updates
  • The State of Indiana imposed new laws for the ownership of Coydogs and Wolf hybrids.
  • The State of Indiana increased the punishment and added animals under the domestic violence statutes.
  • Hamilton County revised its Title 15 Agriculture and Animals Ordinance section. Numerous changes were made to include the addition of temperature and tethering guidelines, definitions, permanent ID, and enhancement of the cruelty and neglect sections and fines.
Special note should be taken - Livestock (e.g. horses, cows, pigs, sheep and goats) are governed by zoning laws. Consult your local zoning office for requirements. Horses and cattle do not require physical shelters but do require a wind break.

Hamilton County
Hamilton County Board of Commissioners placed restrictions on housekeeping of any household that harbors more than 3 dogs or more than 3 cats. These rules are found under the U.S. Department of Agriculture standards. Specific standards must apply in the form of general housekeeping. The specific rule is 9 CFR 3.1 through 3.19. Review the USDA requirements online.

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