Child Support Enforcement

The Child Support Division of the Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office establishes, modifies and enforces child support orders for custodians of minor children. It also establishes paternity for minor children whose parents are not married to each other at the time of the birth. The Division has over 3,000 open cases and aided in the collection of over $10 million in 2014 and on-pace for the same in 2015. 


The Child Support Office has no jurisdiction in matters of visitation and custody. A private attorney must be contacted to assist with those issues.


We regret that we cannot take walk-ins without an appointment. You must have an appointment to speak with your caseworker, so that she can be better prepared to serve your needs.


  • Certification of arrears amounts for tax intercept of payer's IRS refunds
  • Enforcement of an "existing" child support order
  • Enforcement of child support order through registration of an out of state order or through a UIFSA Interstate action for enforcement in the State the payer lives
  • Enforcement of Income Withholding (garnishment) Orders
  • Establishment of a "new" child support order for the custodian of a child
  • Establishment of the paternity of a child and obtaining a child support order and birth record change showing the father's name on the birth certificate
  • Interception of Lottery winnings up to the amount of child support arrears
  • Location of non-custodial parents through "Parent Locate Service" Modification of child support orders and administrative review of child support orders to determine if modification is appropriate
  • Suspension of driver's license and professional license for payers who have arrears over $2,000 or arrears which are the equivalent of 3 months of child support