After a Bad Check Affidavit is received by the Bad Check Program, a letter will be sent, via 1st class U.S. mail, to the writer requesting payment be made to the Prosecutor's Office within 10 days. The request for payment will include a $20 protest fee, and a $20 service fee to be paid per bad check. The $20 protest fee will be collected on behalf of the victim and the $20 service fee will be collected on behalf of the Prosecutor's Office to defray the costs of the Bad Check Program.

Restitution Payments
When a bad check writer pays restitution to the Bad Check Program, the victim will be issued a check by the Bad Check Program for the face value of the check plus the additional $20 protest fee per bad check. Once the victim has submitted a bad check to the Bad Check Program, restitution cannot be accepted by anyone other than the Bad Check Program.

Filing Charges
If full restitution is not received, the Bad Check Program forwards the bad check to a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney to determine whether to file Check Deception charges. Checks under $25 without identification written on the check will not be prosecuted. If charges are filed, the victim may be called upon as a witness to appear in court. If a case goes to Court, restitution will be paid through the Court, not the Bad Check Program.