Bad Check Program

Since September, 1996, the Prosecutor's Office has had the Bad Check Program in place to help merchants and consumers alike track down bad check writers, collect and return the money to the victim, and deter future offenses through a diversion program and possible criminal prosecution. This program is for anyone who has received a bad check in Hamilton County, be that a large business, a small business, or an individual. This program provides new avenues to obtain restitution, to protect the public, and to seek justice. You can call 317-774-2513 for more information.

Any person who receives a bad check in Hamilton County is eligible to participate in the program. The victim must also submit to the Bad Check Program a:
  • "Non-Sufficient Funds"
  • "Closed Account"
  • "No Account"
  • "Unable to Locate Account"
  • "Stop Payment"
  • "Refer to Maker"
  • "Blocked Account" check
  • Signed Bad Check Affidavit
Ineligible Bad Checks
Non-eligible checks include:
  • Checks over 60 days old
  • Postdated checks (Postdated checks constitute promissory notes.)
  • Checks held for an agreed time (Checks held for an agreed time period constitute credit to the check-writer.)
  • Checks for which partial restitution has been received
  • Checks which have already been given to a private collection agency for collection
  • Bad checks resulting from a service charge on a checking account by a financial institution.