Marriage Licenses

Learn how to Obtain A Certified Copy of a Marriage License.

New Applications

Please fill out the on-line application prior to arriving in our office to avoid delays in the process time. If you don’t have access to the internet, we have 2 public terminals in our lobby where you can complete this process. Apply Online 

Application Hours & Fees

Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Fee for Indiana residents: $20.00 CASH ONLY (includes 2 certified copies)

Fee for out of state residents (license is only valid for ceremonies performed in Hamilton county): $62.00 CASH ONLY (includes 2 certified copies)

Information to Bring with You  

This is a list of the REQUIRED Information to Bring with You. We can not issue your license without these items.

Same Day Marriage

There is NO a waiting period. The license is issued the same day of application. However, it is important that you arrive in our office at least one hour prior to the ceremony to complete the application process. Also, it’s important to have an appointment scheduled with Magistrate Court for them to perform your ceremony, you must contact their office at (317)776-8544 for scheduling & details.

Expiration of License

The marriage license expires 60 days from the date of of issue. Your marriage must happen after the license was issued and before the expiration date. If you have not gotten married by that date you must reapply for the license and pay the fee again.

Where to Apply 

From Indiana Code I.C 31-11-4-3

  • Indiana residents- at least one or both applicants must be a resident of Hamilton county. (if one person lives in Hamilton county and the other person lives in a different county, you have the option of applying in either one of those counties.) Please be sure you are coming to the correct county to apply for your license.
  • If one applicant lives in Hamilton county and the other applicant lives in a different state and you are getting married in Indiana, you would need to apply in Hamilton county.
  • Out of state residents (both applicants)- applicants must apply in the county that the marriage is taking place in.
  • Both applicants must be present to apply for the license (bring interpreter if you need one)
  • This marriage license is valid in the state of Indiana only.
  • An Indiana License is not valid to use in any other state or any country outside of the united states.

Central Indiana County Clerk's Offices

County Phone Number
Boone County
Hancock County
Hendricks County
Madison County
Shelby County
Marion County
Clinton County
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