Marriage Licenses

How to get your Marriage License

The Hamilton County Clerk’s will continue to process marriage applications by appointment only. We will do virtual appointments through Microsoft Teams or in-person appointments following the guidelines established by the county. Applicants using Teams will pay the license fee through our online payment portal.

Application Fee 

Effective July 1st, 2021:

  • Fee for Indiana residents: $25.00 CASH or Credit Card (includes 2 certified copies)
  • Fee for out of state residents (license is only valid for ceremonies performed in Hamilton County): $65.00 CASH or Credit Card (includes 2 certified copies)

Marriage Application Process

Here are the steps involved, some must be done within a certain time frame:
Getting married in a different county than you live in? Find out where to apply.

  1. Fill out the on-line Application Request. Apply Online.
    The Apply Online web page tells you the information you will need. Do this step prior to step 2, you may need to contact others for some of the information.

    If you don’t have access to the internet, we have 2 public terminals in our lobby. Come early so you can complete this step before your Application Meeting. 

  2. Schedule and attend an Application Meeting with the Clerk’s Office. Schedule Your Application Meeting

    We must review the application with you prior to processing it. All meetings are by appointment only. Both applicants must attend the same meeting. We do virtual meetings over the internet or in-person meetings at our office in Noblesville.

  3. Sign the Marriage Application. You will sign the Application at your in-person Application Meeting. If your Application Meeting is done by virtual you will return the Application with the Marriage License in the envelope provided in your packet.

  4. We issue your Marriage License and send it to you; or you may pick up the packet at the designated pick up spot. Now you are ready to get married.

Marriage License Process

  • The Marriage License expires 60 days from the date of issue. Your marriage must happen after the license was issued and before the expiration date. If you have not gotten married by that date you must reapply for the license and pay the fee again.
  • You and your officiant will complete and sign the Marriage License. We recommend you do this step immediately after your ceremony, it only takes a couple minutes.
  • Your officiant must return the signed Marriage License within 30 Days.
  • Once we receive the completed, signed Marriage License, we certify it and record it. We will send you 2 certified copies with a raised seal. You may order additional copies.