Payment & Cancellation


  • All payments must be made online.


  • No refunds will be made available after a child is registered. 
  • If a child is unable to attend camp for any reason, a credit may be made available towards the next year’s camp in 2022. A cancellation form must be completed and approved by the Camp Coordinator in order to receive any credits. 
  • This credit may only be applied to a child within the same family at the same address. If the credit is not applied to camp in 2021 then the credit is forfeited. Camp availability is on a 1st come, 1st served basis. 
  • A credit towards next year’s camp is not a guarantee that a spot will be available for that child. Any available opening will be made to the next available person on the waiting list, as determined by the HCPR staff. Cancellation forms are available at Cool Creek Nature Center. 
  • Any concerns towards the cancellation policy may be addressed to the HCPR’s Department Director, Chris Stice at the Hamilton County Administration Office by phone at 317-770-4400.