Guide to Tax Forms

Business Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return

Form 103 Long (PDF) or Form 103 Short (PDF) - Every taxpayer (including non-profits and churches) must file Form 103. Choose either the Long or Short form. You may use either form unless you have one of the following issues, then you must use Form 103 Long if:

  • Your business does any manufacturing
  • Your assessed value is more than $150,000
  • You have been granted any abatements
  • You will be claiming any special adjustments (permanently retired equipment, special tooling, etc.)

Again, you may use either form unless any of the above issues apply to your business. Both Form 103 Long and Short are confidential.

Business Tangible Personal Property Return

Form 104 (PDF) - Every taxpayer must file Form 104. This acts as a cover sheet and is the only form available for public record.

Not Owned & Owned Personal Property

Form 103-N (PDF) or Form 103-O (PDF) - Do you lease a copier, postage machine, or any other office/vending equipment? If so, all leased equipment must be filed on Form 103-N or O. Taxpayers must include the form with their return. Those companies from whom you lease will file forms with us as well. Please make sure to choose the appropriate form and schedule (based on whether your lease is a conventional or capital lease) so that we do not double assess you and the leasing company.

Schedule of Adjustments to Business Tangible Personal Property Return

Form 106 (PDF) - Is your business disposing of old equipment? Let us know by filing Form 106 with your return.

Farmer's Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return

Form 102 (PDF) - File this form if your business is a farm.

Non-Profit Organizations

Form 136 (PDF) - Application For Property Tax Exemption

  • Is your business a church or non-profit organization? File Form 136 with the County Assessor's office by May 16 (for tax year 2011 pay 2012) in order to obtain a tax exemption from Personal Property taxes.
  • Churches and non-profits only need to file Form 136 one time unless they move, change their name and/or obtain new property.

Additional Information

You must still file Forms 103 and 104 with the appropriate assessing office yearly. Please contact the Hamilton County Assessor's Office at 317-776-9617 for questions or assistance with Form 136.