The Hamilton County Park and Recreation Department softball leagues are among some of the most popular spring and fall activities in Hamilton County. The leagues provide great outlets for adults looking to get active, get involved and have fun!

Softball Leagues

Both coed and men's divisions will be available, and you have the option of participating in leagues of varying levels of competitiveness, depending upon how you most enjoy playing. So gather all your friends for some exciting evenings at Morse Park in Noblesville.

2019 Leagues

The 2019 leagues will be ran by our Morse Beach Softball Contractor, Dwayne Brashers. You can find more information at the Morse Beach Softball or call 317-796-5649.
Registration for the 2019 Summer League? Please sign up on the Morse Beach Softball website.
Day League
Monday Coed Upper League and Coed Recreation League
Tuesday Men's Recreation League
Wednesday Men's Lower League and Men's Recreation League
Thursday Men's Upper League and Men's Recreation League
Friday Men's Lower League and Coed Recreation League

Team Rules

Participants must be 18 years of age or older and teams should consist of at least 10 but no more than 15 players.