Morse Park & Beach History

Morse Park was leased to Hamilton County Parks and Recreation (HCPR)  in 1972, totaling 15 acres located in Noblesville along Morse Reservoir. A bathhouse and swimming beach were constructed along the reservoir to offer water recreational activities. An additional 8 acres of land was donated to Hamilton County Parks for Morse Park by a private corporation making the park a total of 23 acres in 1983.

In 1995, HCPR purchased the park property, obtaining full ownership of the property. Osprey Pointe Pavilion was added to the park as a waterfront recreational facility in 2004.

Morse Park Amenities
Among Morse Park's amenities are also a playground, multiple shelters, volleyball court, softball diamond complex, and the county's 1st disc golf course.
Osprey Pointe Pavilion located on Morse Park.