Coxhall Gardens History

Williams Family Early Years
In 1838, one of Hamilton County's earliest settlers, John Williams, was born. He moved to Hamilton County in 1855 where he farmed and eventually owned the land in which is known today as Coxhall Gardens. 10 years later, Mr. Williams built the Victorian home, which still exists today. The bricks used for the home were made on site.

Jesse & Beulah Cox

Jesse Cox was born in 1918 and attended Washington High School, where he met the woman he would later marry, Beulah (Chanley) Cox. He attended Indiana University where he received a BS in Business Administration. A self-made entrepreneur, Jesse Cox owned 6 drapery plants in the Midwest. He began manufacturing blinds and draperies for department stores and other outlets. Cox also developed his own citrus farm near Orlando, Florida near where his father had retired.
A portrait of Jesse and Beulah Cox

Williams Property Acquisition

Jesse Cox's deep love of farming and history led him and Beulah to make a bid on the Williams property in 1958. The Coxes 1st bid failed, but 3 years later, Beulah learned the house was still for sale. The Coxes bid of $87,500 was accepted and the couple moved in 1962. The Coxes built a gray stone, contemporary house on the property. The house included a mural in the basement of the couple's newly built home that depicted the Governors Mansion in Williamsburg, Virginia. The mural would later serve as inspiration for their dream home, which was later built in 1974, immediately west of the stone house.
A photograph of the Willams family property
Property Donation
In 1999, the couple decided to preserve the much desired land and donate it to the Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department. With all of the new development in the area, they wanted to "preserve an oasis in a sea of homes". The Hamilton County Parks Department is very grateful for this donation.

Coxhall Gardens Park Today

The Hamilton County Parks Department plans to use the property for a one-of-a-kind park that includes a museum, conservatory, children's garden, and a greenhouse. Current amenities include a park centerpiece, statue of Jesse and Beulah, Campbell Crossing, restroom facility, and trails.