Medical Reserve Corps

The Hamilton County Health Department was given the task of planning and preparing for public health emergencies, due to natural causes or deliberate acts of bio-terrorism.

Founding the Reserve Corps
To assist with emergency preparedness for public health emergencies, the Hamilton County Health Department established the Hamilton County Medical Reserve Corps (HCMRC) in September 2005. While the HCMRC is housed and supervised by Hamilton County Health Department, it is only operational through the participation of dedicated volunteers.

HCMRC Volunteers fill vital roles in staffing emergency dispensing clinics as well as other critical functions during a declared public health emergency. The HCMRC supplements existing emergency capabilities during a declared public health crisis, thus improving the county's emergency preparedness and creating a healthier community.

The mission of the Hamilton County Medical Reserve Corps is to establish and maintain a well-organized team of volunteers dedicated to improving emergency preparedness and public health before, during, and after a natural or man-made disaster or emergency.
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