The Hamilton County Household Hazardous Waste Center (HHW), in cooperation with the Hamilton County Health Department, operates a collection program for used medical needles. Residents of Hamilton County can bring used needles, syringes, and lancets – also called sharps- to the HHW for proper disposal.

If you are bringing ONLY sharps in approved sharps containers for switch out, we are not requiring an appointment.  However, if you see a vehicle in the middle of their appointment please wait patiently until they are done to approach the technicians.   If you want to bring other materials in addition to your sharps then you MUST make an appointment.  Thank you. 

Drop Off Site Guidelines:

  • In order to use the sharp disposal program at the HHW Center; used needles, syringes, and lancets must be placed in an approved sharps container prior to being brought to the center. 
  • If needed, approved containers may be purchased from the HHW Center for a small onetime fee. 
  • Once the initial container is full, it can be brought back and exchanged for a new one at no cost.


Sharps Container

Safety Tips:

1.   Only use approved sharps containers.
2.   Tape lids closed for extra protection when transporting full sharps containers.
3.   Do not overfill containers.
4.   Keep containers away from children and animals.