Road Construction Standards

The County is responsible for maintaining all streets, roads, and structures that have been accepted in to the County's network of roads and bridges. It is therefore necessary to set standards for the construction of all improvements for the county will be responsible in order to avoid assuming unnecessary maintenance costs and inconvenience to the citizens and businesses of Hamilton County.

All improvements intended for public use, to be constructed in a county right-of-way or easement, or to be constructed in a right-of-way or easement to be dedicated to the county, or to be constructed as privately maintained improvements must conform to county standards according to plan commission requirements and shall conform to or exceed the standards as set forth in this County Code section.

County Code Section Standards
The standards set forth in the County Code Section are intended to be minimum standards. Variances from these standards may be considered by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners upon written application citing unusual conditions justifying changes based upon sound engineering practices. Proposed variances shall have been reviewed by the County Engineer and the Plan Commission having jurisdiction before consideration by the Board of Commissioners.

Current Standard Specifications
All improvements shall be constructed to conform to the Current Standard Specifications of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), referred to in the Code Section as "Standard Specifications", except where deviations are hereinafter allowed or variances granted. Copies of the Standard Specifications are on file at the offices of the Hamilton County Highway Department and the County Engineer.

Standards for Construction Documents