Hamilton County Bicentennial Events

Hamilton County Turns 200!

Join us as we celebrate the Hamilton County Bicentennial

It’s our time to shine Hamilton County! We can take great pride in who we are and what we’ve accomplished in the last 200 years. To recognize the historic milestone of our county's bicentennial, Hamilton County Parks is hosting a variety of related events throughout 2023.

March 25 – First Farmers – 1:00 pm – SKP 
May 27 MAKE-UP GAME – Vintage Baseball Match – 1:00 pm – BP
June 30 – Cool Creek Concert Series Bicentennial Bash: Stella Luna and the Satellites – 7:00 pm CCNC
July 29 – Light up the Night – 8:00 pm – PBP
November 4 – Preserving History at Coxhall Gardens 11:00 am – CHG

For a complete list of bicentennial celebrations and related activities, visit HamCoTurns200.com.