Hamilton County Regional Utility District

Project Information


Sewer and water infrastructure in Bakers Corner has been discussed and studied for decades with similar outcomes: it has always been too expensive for existing service providers to extend utilities. A study and partial “fix” was accomplished by Hamilton County Health Department staff and property owners in the 2002-2005 era. However, all the failing septic systems were not permanently fixed at that time.

With the planned Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) improvements along the U.S. 31 corridor, northern Hamilton County is poised to experience growth; however, sewer and water infrastructure are vital components that must be planned and installed for the Hamilton County team to be prepared for growth. With the receipt of “once in a lifetime” funding provided by the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), County officials now possess a means to make a transformational investment to install infrastructure and reduce E. coli pollution, improve public health and spur economic development along a vital county and state corridor.

Regional Utility District and Boundaries

To facilitate the installation, ownership and operation of the infrastructure, County officials intend to create a regional utility district in accordance with Indiana Code 13-26. The proposed district boundaries are shown on the map below and in the Project PDF. This area is within the jurisdiction of the Hamilton County Plan Commission (west of U.S. 31) and the Cicero/Jackson Plan Commission (east of U.S. 31).

Funding Sources and Partners

To facilitate the capital costs of the project, County officials have discussed the potential project with the following financial sources and/ or partners:
  • County ARPA funds
  • Indiana ARPA funds
  • Bond Anticipation Note (BAN) (short-term financing)
  • Revenue bonds
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) bonds
  • Indiana Finance Authority
  • Indiana Economic Development Corporation.

Recommended Plan and Phasing

After consideration of options and potential phasing/construction scenarios, County officials intend to create a regional utility district and serve the entire corridor through a phased construction approach. Phasing the construction will allow County officials to proceed with phase 1 to improve the environment and start driving economic development. Phasing also will provide the necessary time to gather support from State of Indiana officials and partners at 276th Street to obtain additional funding for phase 2 in 2023.

Phase 1 will serve the existing residents in Bakers Corner, 234th Street and the 236th Street interchange. Water mains, sanitary sewers and a 0.50-million-gallons-per-day (MGD) wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) will be installed in Bakers Corner and the 236th Street/U.S. 31 interchange area. Water booster pumps and an elevated water storage tank to provide storage and fire protection also will be installed. Water will be purchased wholesale via a metered connection.

Phase 2 will serve the planned Indiana National Guard Armory and residents at the 276th Street interchange. Sewer and water infrastructure will be installed from Bakers Corner north to the 276th Street interchange along with an elevated water storage tank installed to provide storage and fire protection. Sewage will be pumped from the 276th Street interchange back to the WWTP.

Current Phase 1 Schedule

Begin Survey and DesignApril 2022
Design CompleteOctober 2022
Permits ObtainedJanuary 2023
Easements and Land Acquisition CompleteJanuary 2023
Construction StartJanuary 2023
Construction CompleteDecember 2024

Hamilton County US31 Corridor Water and Sewer Project Boundary 640x495