Environment, Infrastructure and Parks

Information on this page is provided to give applicants a general idea of roles and responsibilities. Actual by-laws and other pertinent information will be shared by the board during onboarding.

Submit your application by November 15th to be considered for appointments in the upcoming year.

TriCo Regional Sewer Utility Board of Trustees 

(pursuant to  IC 13-26)

Term Length: 4 Years
TriCo Regional Sewer Utility, formerly Clay Township Regional Waste District, is a duly organized regional sewer district pursuant to Indiana Code 13-26-5-1 and as such is a “political subdivision” in Indiana. The sewer district was created to address failed septic systems in Homeplace and support growth in western Clay township. Since its inception, TriCo has grown to serve the western half of Clay Township, the eastern edge of Zionsville and developments in Marion County along 96th Street. TriCo is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees appointed by local elected officials. The Board consists of appointments from (number of appointments): Clay Township Trustee (5), Hamilton County Commissioners (1), Hamilton County Council (1), Mayor of Carmel (1) and Boone County Commissioners (1). The Board has general oversight of the district inclusive of planning, land acquisition, contracting, construction, operations, and review of environmental policy of the utility. The Board also approves the rate structure and user rates.

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TriCo Regional Sewer Utility District Board of Trustees By-Laws (PDF)

Hamilton County Parks Board 

(pursuant to IC 36-10-3)

Term Length: 4 Years
The county has created a county Parks Department per Indiana Code (IC 36-10-3-3.1).  The creation of this department requires the creation of an oversight board (IC 36-10-3-4.d) consisting of five members appointed on the basis of their interest in and knowledge of parks and recreation.  If an appointing entity has more than two appointments (circuit court and county fiscal body), the appointments may not be of the same political party.  This board shall exercise general supervision, establish rules for park use, prepare annual budgets and appoint the necessary administrative officers of the department and fix their duties.  The board also may contract with entities to support park operations, acquire and dispose of property, exercise eminent domain, and lease buildings and grounds to support their mission.

Hoosier Heritage Port Authority 

(pursuant to IC 8-10-5)

Term Length: 1 Year
The Port Authority was established on December 7, 1994 and is 37.5 miles of railroad right-of-way running from Tipton to downtown Indianapolis.  The Port Authority owners are Hamilton County, the City of Noblesville and the City of Fishers.

The Port Authority was formed be protect and preserve the existence corridor as a single parcel of real estate in perpetuity for uses, but not limited to, recreational, transportation and tourism.

The Port Authority Board has six members, two from Hamilton County, two from the City of Noblesville and two from the City of Fishers.  Meetings are held quarterly.

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