Doxpop Property Watch

Doxpop Property Watch is a free service for the residents of Hamilton County. Upon accessing the site It will guide the user straight through a few simple steps to get set up. It will collect information regarding the name and legal description of the property, and send the user an email when a filing is made in the Recorder’s office that matches that data. If you own multiple properties in the county you can register each one.

Please be aware this service will not prevent a fraudulent transfer of real estate. It merely notifies a person when a document has been recorded in our office meeting the specified criteria. It is up to the owner to obtain legal counsel if it is not something they have initiated. In addition, our deed records are indexed back to January 1949, miscellaneous and mortgage records are back to 1974.  Property Watch will only work for land records that are available in our application.

If you have questions, feel to contact the Recorder’s office at 317-776-9717.