Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Health Information


Testing Information 

Covid Testing and Vaccine Information

County based measures and restrictions 

Per Governor Executive Oder     

  • Indiana COVID County Color Metrics (PDF)
    1. Blue Zone:  community spread is low
    2. Yellow Zone: community spread is moderate
    3. Orange Zone: community spread is approaching high
    4. Red Zone: community spread is HIGH

Full Executive Order and Industry Guidance can be found on Back on Track Indiana Website:

Executive Order Items

  • Face Coverings: required for all Hoosiers, unless applicable exemption.
  •  Social Distancing: must be maintained, 6ft in all directions. (Rule of thumb minimum 36 sq. ft. per person open space needed)
  • High Risk  and Vulnerable urged to self-protect from exposure including limiting long trips
  • All Businesses must develop COVID-Response plans
    • Employers comply with IOSHA standards to prevent the exposure or spread of disease 
    • Compliance with social distancing requirements established by the CDC, including maintain six feet social distancing for both employees and members of the general public when possible and/or employing other separation measures such as wearing face coverings or using barriers when social distancing is not possible.
  • Social Gatherings and Events.   It is recommended that social gatherings and events be postponed or cancelled.   However, if the event or social gathering cannot be canceled the host must ensure that social distancing requirements can be achieved and maintained, face coverings are worn, and sanitation methods are implemented.

Hoosiers are encouraged to continue to take self protective measures including avoiding large crowds, gatherings, events, or locations where others prevent self protective measures from being effective.

Events Exceeding County Color Metrics

Special or seasonal events scheduled to occur on or after February 1, 2021, and where the total attendance is expected to exceed the applicable County Color Metrics on the scheduled date, must submit a plan to the local health officials before proceeding.   Plans will be audited to ensure compliance with the current Executive Order.  Plans will not be reviewed for events taking place beyond the operational period of the current Executive Order.  

Use the COVID Event Plan Application to submit plans.

Use Send Button of form to email application and attach plan to created email to

Hamilton County Food Pantries

Our public health partner,  Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank has provided and updated list of food pantries to help families know where, when, and what they need to do to find food in Hamilton County during these extreme times.    All of the pantries listed have consented to being included on this public resource.   Additions/updates will be provided by Hamilton County harvest,  questions can be emailed to

See full list of Hamilton County Food Pantries (PDF)

Show Some Class Keep Kids in School message campaign

The Hamilton County Health Department has partnered with area school districts to launch an educational campaign designed to keep kids in school. Called “Show Some C.L.A.S.S Keep Kids in School,” the campaign outlines five basic rules families should follow to help keep children healthy and in the classroom.

  • C – Check your child’s temperature every morning before sending them to school.
  • L – Lead by example. Let your child see you wearing a mask and modeling good social distancing.
  • A – Avoid large gatherings. Slumber parties, carpools, and birthday parties are discouraged.
  • S – Schedule a test if you or someone in your family exhibits signs of COVID-19.
  • S – Stay home until you receive your test results or if you are not feeling well.

CDC Preventive Measures

The Hamilton County Health Department follows the established recommendations established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Indiana State Department of Health.  Please use following these recommendations to protect yourself and others from transmitting this virus.