Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Health Information

COVID-19 Community Levels can help communities and individuals make decisions based on their local context and their unique needs. Community vaccination coverage and other local information, like early alerts from surveillance, such as through wastewater or the number of emergency department visits for COVID-19, when available, can also inform decision making for health officials and individuals.

For Healthcare Facilities: COVID-19 Community Levels do not apply in healthcare settings, such as hospitals and nursing homes. Instead, healthcare settings should continue to use community transmission rates and follow CDC’s infection prevention and control recommendations for healthcare workers.

Check your county's CDC Covid-19 Community Level

*COVID Data Tracker may display data that differ from state and local websites. This can be due to differences in how data were collected, how metrics were calculated, or the timing of web updates.


Testing Information 

Covid Testing and Vaccine Information

County Based Color Metric

Per Indiana State Department of Health 

  • Indiana COVID County Color Metrics (PDF)
    1. Blue Zone:  community spread is low
    2. Yellow Zone: community spread is moderate
    3. Orange Zone: community spread is approaching high
    4. Red Zone: community spread is HIGH
  • Face Coverings: are recommended for all unvaccinated Hoosiers, unless applicable exemption.
    • Required in all State of Indiana Facilities, and all COVID testing and vaccination sites 
  •  Businesses should maintain COVID response plans that include safeguards and measures to ensure a safe environment for employees, customers, clients, and members.
    • Business should communicate to all employees that their activities outside of work have the potential to increase spread of COVID in their workplaces and communities. 
    • Business or entities may impose more stringent requirements.
  • High Risk  and Vulnerable  should remain vigilant about protecting their exposure to COVID. 
  • Social Gatherings and Events.  The state will continue to provide weekly assessments via a color coding system to inform about the status of COVID-19.  Events should maintain COVID response plans that include safeguards and measures to ensure a safe environment.

Hoosiers are encouraged to continue to take self protective measures including avoiding large crowds, gatherings, events, or locations where others prevent self protective measures from being effective.

Hamilton County Food Pantries

Our public health partner,  Hamilton County Harvest Food Bank has provided and updated list of food pantries to help families know where, when, and what they need to do to find food in Hamilton County during these extreme times.    All of the pantries listed have consented to being included on this public resource.   Additions/updates will be provided by Hamilton County harvest,  questions can be emailed to

See full list of Hamilton County Food Pantries (PDF)

CDC Preventive Measures

The Hamilton County Health Department follows the established recommendations established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Indiana State Department of Health.  Please use following these recommendations to protect yourself and others from transmitting this virus.