146th St. West - Phase 3

Project Information

Current Status

10/4/21: Construction is complete. Please proceed with caution as crews may still be on site. 
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Project Location

 All Phases: 146th St. from Boone Co. to Spring Mill Rd.

Project Scope

The expansion of 146th Street will continue from west of Springmill Road to the Boone County Line. The road will be reconstructed to a 5-lane section with center median. 146th Street will be limited access with no drives or curb cuts allowed between mile points. Frontage roads will be utilized parallel to 146th Street to access homes / businesses. Roundabout intersections are planned at the mile points (ie. Eagle Creek Road, Shelborne Road, Towne Road, and Ditch Road).

Construction Details 

  • Design Firms: USI Consultants
  • Contractor: Crider & Crider
  • Construction Start Date: Spring 2019
  • Construction Completion: Fall 2021 (est.)
  • Construction Cost: $5,613,770


The design and 20% of construction will be locally funded. 80% of the construction and construction inspection costs will be funded using Federal Aid.
146th St. West - Phase 3