The Hamilton County Recorder's office offers a number of services that enable customers to more quickly record and receive their documents.  


Our office partners with two national eRecording vendors.  For a nominal fee, customers can submit, track and receive your documents electronically.  E-Recording is a service that is available to title companies, law firms, banks and other businesses that record land record documents on a regular basis.

Some of the benefits of eRecording:

  • Faster Turnaround:  Hours vs days to get your document back.
  • Your e-document beats one submitted via the mail, not to mention the cost savings in postage, overnight shipping and delayed proceedings.
  • Fewer rejections and faster corrections.  ERecording eliminates rejections for incorrect fees.

Contact the following companies to compare options, and begin E-Recording today.

CSC eRecording Solutions
Website -
All non-transferable documents.
Excludes surveys 

Website -
All document types including those transfer documents that circulate between the Recorder, Auditor and Assessor.
Excludes plats and surveys.