Paint Disposal


Latex paint is not a hazardous waste.  Once hardened or empty, residents are encouraged to remove the lid and place items in their curbside trash container for disposal. Oil or solvent based paints are a hazardous waste and may be turned into the HHW Drop Off Center for proper disposal.

Latex Paint Identification

Latex paint can be identified the following ways:

  • Read the Label: If clean-up instructions indicate that rollers & brushed can be cleaned using soap and water, it is typically latex or “water-based” paint. If the product is a solvent or “oil-based” paint, the instructions will likely indicate these items can be cleaned with mineral spirits or turpentine.
  • Water Test: Place paint in a small container with some water. If the paint is water-based, it will easily mix with the water and dissolve. Oil-based paint will separate from the water and form noticeable layers.

Latex Paint Drying Instructions

  1. Remove lid from paint container.
  2. Add kitty litter, oil dry, saw dust or soil to the latex paint.
  3. Stir until paint has harden to an "oatmeal-like" consistency.
  4. Place the uncovered container in a well-ventilated area away from children or pets and allow mixture to harden.
  5. Place the container, with the dried paint, in your curbside trash with the lid off.

Please note, county residents are encouraged to dispose of their unwanted latex paint at home if possible. However, latex paint that has not been frozen or appears to still be in a usable condition can be brought to the HHW Drop Off Center for disposal or reuse.