Bridge #124 - Strawtown Ave. over Dyers Creek

Project Information

Current Status

10/11/18: Construction is complete. Strawtown Ave. is now open to traffic.

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Project Location

Bridge 124 carries Strawtown Ave. over Dyers Creek (between Prairie Baptist Rd. and Cyntheanne Rd.)

Reason for Project

The existing structure is in poor condition. The substructure is showing signs of rot and deterioration that warrant full replacement.

Project Scope

Bridge Replacement. The existing timber structure will be replaced with a spread box beam superstructure on spill through end bents. The profile will be raised slightly to accommodate the deeper superstructure. The bridge will be lengthened to lower the backwater elevation at this location. The bridge will be designed to accommodate 2-12’ lanes with 4’ shoulders on both sides. The existing horizontal curves will be designed to impact as little right-of-way as possible, but to also improve safely along these curves.

Construction Details

  • Design Firm: Stephen J. Christian & Assoc.
  • Inspection Firm: Hamilton County Highway Department
  • Contractor: HIS Constructors
  • Construction Start Date: May 2018
  • Construction Completion: September 2018
  • Construction Cost: $881,200
Design and construction costs will be funded locally.
Bridge #124 - Strawtown Ave. over Dyers Creek