276th St. Extension

Project Information

Current Status

7/26/2020: Construction is complete. The new road is now open between the new roundabout at 276th St. and State Rd. 19 to the east.

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Project Location

A new road will be constructed from the intersection of 281st St. and State Road 19 and will connect down to 276th St. west of Gwinn Rd. in Jackson Township.

Project Scope

The majority of the alignment is on new terrain; however a portion of the alignment will follow the existing 281st Street. The project includes realigning 276th Street beginning approximately 0.60 mile west of Gwinn Road; the project will then head in a northeasterly direction for approximately 0.7 mile, head east for approximately 1.2 miles and terminate at the 281st Street/SR 19 Intersection. The project will consist of one 12-foot wide travel lane and one 4-foot wide usable (3-foot paved) shoulder in each direction. To minimize impacts to the residence located in the southwest quadrant of the 281st Street/SR 19 Intersection, the roadway will consist of one 12-foot travel lane bordered by curb with a 2-foot offset in each direction (from the at-grade railroad crossing east to SR 19). To avoid impacts to the farm located north and south of 276th Street approximately 0.2 mile west of the 281't/SR 19 Intersection, the roadway will be shifted north.
 The western project terminus will include constructing a roundabout that will safely accommodate the expected truck traffic generated by the expansion of Beck's Superior Hybrids. The at-grade railroad crossing located approximately 0.1 mile west of the 281st Street/SR 19 Intersection will be improved with gates and signals. New signage will also be installed. Ditches will be constructed to accommodate the drainage of the new roadway. A large drainage structure located approximately 290 feet west of the 281st Street/SR 19 Intersection will be replaced. The project will replace or reconstruct additional pipes. 

Reason for Project

The purpose of the project is to provide a safe and efficient route from SR 19 to 276th Street and to accommodate the expected increase in truck traffic volume associated with Beck's Superior Hybrids.

Construction Details

  • Design Firm: RQAW
  • Inspection Firm: RQAW
  • Contractor: United Construction Services
  • Construction Start Date: August 2, 2019
  • Construction Completion: July 15, 2020
  • Construction Cost: $5,840,000


This project will be funded with 80% Federal Aid and 20% Local funds.

276th / 281st St. Extension