Court Costs

Effective 7/1/2015

of increase in court costs/fees
for Hamilton Co., Indiana

The increased fees are:
Automate Record Keeping Fee
Increases from $7 to $19, effective July 1, 2015
Document Storage Fee
Increases from $2 to $5, effective July 1, 2015
Sheriff Service of Process Fee
Increases from $13 to $25, effective July 1, 2015
NEW Sheriff Service of Process Fee, post-judgment
$25, one-time per case, for post-judgment

The minimum filing fees are provided below:

  1. Civil Cases
  2. Small Claims Cases
  3. Probate Cases

Minimum filing fee = $156.00, for 1 defendant, payable to Clerk in form of money order, cash, or business check.

 Add $10.00 service fee for each additional defendant named to the case. If the case is a mortgage foreclosure, add $50.00 Mortgage Foreclosure Counseling and Education Fee.

If you select to have service of the paperwork on the other party to be done by the Hamilton County Sheriff, there is an additional $25.00 service fee.  This fee must be in the form of a money order, cashier's check, or business check made payable to the Hamilton County Sheriff.  The filer is responsible for delivering the paperwork and payment to the Sheriff.

If your service is to to to another Indiana Sheriff's Department, you must send the $25.00 service fee to that Sheriff's Department.  It would be necessary to contact that department to find out what forms of payment they will accept.  The filer must include that payment with the paperwork and deliver it to that Sheriff's Department for service.

NOTE:  The $25.00 service fee is a one-time fee per case; however, if the case is concluded, then reopened and service is required post-judgement by Sheriff, another $25.00 per case fee is required.
Adoption Filing Fee (AD)
Paternity (JP)
Juvenile Delinquent (JC) & (JM)
Juvenile CHINS (JC) & (JM)
Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor
Infraction / Ordinance Violations
$133.00 / $133.50


Also effective July 1, 2015, expungements filed under I.C. 35‐38‐9‐2, 35‐38‐9‐3, 35‐38‐9‐4, and 35‐38‐9‐5 will incur a civil filing fee. The minimum civil filing fee will be $156.00. Expungement cases will also have their own case type of XP, effective July 1, 2015.

1. The Mortgage Foreclosure Counseling and Education Fee of $50.00 was reinstated effective May 6, 2015.

2. Regarding service by certified mail: for service after the initiation of a case or for service on additional parties, the person requesting service must provide the Clerk with an envelope with sufficient postage affixed, addressed to the recipient with the Clerk’s address as the return address. The forms must be completed so that the Clerk gets the return receipt.

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