County Records

  1. Agendas and Minutes

    View Hamilton County Agendas and Minutes

  2. County Expenditures

    Use this application to view current year's expenditures for Hamilton County

  3. County Ordinances

    Search Hamilton County Code of Ordinances, Zoning Ordinances and Airport Authority Ordinances and Resolutions

  4. Job Opportunities

    Please use this application to locate and apply for jobs that interest you.

  5. Recorded Documents (Doxpop)

    Doxpop provides a range of subscription levels, from no-cost access for individual citizens to full-featured plans designed to help legal professionals and researchers excel at their work

  6. Sheriff's Office Records

    View Hamilton County Records for the Sheriff's Office.

  7. Judgment Dockets

    View Judgment Dockets online.

  8. Small Claims Judgments

    View Small Claims Judgments online.