Justice System

  1. Clerk's Office

    The Clerk's Office is the record-keeper for all county-level court cases: civil, criminal, traffic tickets, estates, guardianship, juveniles.

  2. Community Corrections

    We provide cost-effective, treatment-focused programs incorporating evidence-based practices that generate positive change in participants.

  3. Courts

    The Hamilton County Judicial System serves the public, protects rights, interprets and upholds the law, and provides fair, accessible, effective and responsive forums for the resolution of civil and criminal matters.

  4. Probation Department

    The mission of the Hamilton County Department of Probation Services is to maintain public safety by effectively supervising participants and providing or referring them to programs and services in an effort to reduce their risk of re-offending.

  5. Prosecuting Attorney

    The Prosecuting Attorney for the 24th Judicial Circuit represents the State of Indiana in court.