Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division of the Hamilton County Health Department is charged with improving environmental through investigations, inspections and regulatory enforcement.

To obtain more information about Environmental Health Program Activities performed by the Hamilton County Health Department select one of the program areas of interest below.
  1. Food Establishment Program

    The Hamilton County Health Department currently permits and inspects over 1,000 food services and food stores within the county borders.

  2. Sewage Disposal Program

    On-site sewage disposal is a large portion of the work completed by the Environmental Health Division.

  3. Vector Control Program

    The Vector Control Program revolves around the control of mosquitoes during their most vulnerable stages as larvae found in standing or stagnant waters.

  4. Water Quality Program

    The Water Quality Program is both regulatory and non regulatory activities. Public and Semi Public Swimming Pools and Private Water Well Supplies are permitted and inspected. Non regulatory activities include the River Watch and Recreational Water Sampling which monitor local waterways for aquatic quality.

  5. Complaint Investigation Program

    The complaint program is to provide a means for the public to notify the health department of concerns regarding public health in Hamilton County.