Sewage Disposal Program

On-site sewage disposal is a large portion of the work completed by the Environmental Health Division. Sewage effluent is a concoction of many things such as pathogenic microorganisms, which are capable of causing a variety of diseases such as hepatitis, cholera, E. coli, etc., leading to illness or even death if untreated.


Sewage contains inorganic chemicals, such as nitrates in, which at high levels can cause blue-baby syndrome, as well as organic chemicals, such as solvents and pesticides, which are mutagens and neurological toxicants. These contaminants are illegally discharged from homes often by means of old field tile connections and/or surface failures finally making their way to surface and drinking water supplies of Hamilton County.

Program Goals
The goal of the Health Department is to identify such unlawful conditions and abate the conditions through regulatory enforcement. Water sample results and positive dye tests of homes confirm investigations of possible sewage discharges.